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The 11th tip

As with most tips you find online, there are endless lists of "Top 10 Tips You Must Know..." about whatever-the-topic-is.

I've written them myself (look elsewhere in this blog).

But once you get beyond the 10th tip, I hope that you're looking for something more. For me, the 11th tip--the ones beyond the obvious top-10 list--are the more interesting.

So what would be MY 11th tip? The next one?

It would be something a bit more strategic. It would be something like this:

11. Consider searching for a tool to help you do your task.

For instance, I was helping a searcher look for archival aerial images. And yes, you can do the obvious searches... but what if you searched for a tool to do the task instead?

In my case, I did a search for:

[ app to view time lapse aerial images ]

and was happily surprised to find that Google has an app like that! (I once knew about it, but utterly forgot about it.)

Google's EarthEngine TimeLapse webapp is astounding. If you haven't played around with it, it's worth a couple minutes of your time. It lets you fly to any point on the planet and see around 40 years of time lapse. And that's sometimes amazing (in both good ways and bad).

It's worth it. (And it's worth remembering the tip!)

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