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Search inside YouTube videos

Suppose you want to search inside a video? Videos aren’t very skimmable--this means it can be easy to overlook video content altogether.

When you search for things like how-to videos that have multiple steps, or long videos, Google Search will provide links to the key moments in the video, based on key points provided by content creators. That is, now you can scan to see whether a video has what you’re looking for, and find the relevant section of the content. For people who use screen readers, this change also makes video content more accessible.

These special time stamps (called "key moments") will appear in Search in English for YouTube videos where creators have provided that information in the video description. We’re also introducing a way for more content creators across the web to mark up their videos so they can be more easily searchable. Now you’ll be able to find these key moments from video publishers around the world, such as CBS Sports and NDTV, as they add markup to their videos, and we look forward to more creators adopting this helpful new feature.

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