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A few new short videos about online searching

I couldn't help myself. So many people are asking questions about how to be better searchers in the Age of COVID that I made a few short videos to help people get smarter about their medical searching. I put out a short video, a One-Minute Morceau (aka 1MM) on my Search Education YouTube channel this week. Each is a short video between 1 and 5 minutes long with a brief research strategy or tactic for you. These days, it's all about what counts as credible information, and how you can find it.

Here are three for you, each full wisdom about improving your online medical searching: 1. Finding high quality information about treatments

Let me know how you like them! (You can send me email via the "Contact Me" button below, or go check out my SearchResearch blog, and leave a comment there.)

If I get encouraging feedback, I'll keep it up. Search on!

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